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2016 Club Championship

Leader BoardRace list in PDF formatRace list in Excel format

The club will be running its championship again this year, intended to include as many members as possible, and structured in such a way that all have a chance of picking up a prize (if they choose to enter). Alongside friendly competition, another objective of the Championships is to see as many Ripon Runners as possible promoting the club in races on the roads and tracks of North Yorkshire and beyond.

  • A competition with points for performances in races over a variety of distances between 8K and ultra-marathon during 2016.
  • Handicap system makes adjustments for age and gender (age at 1 January 2016).
  • To qualify you must have completed five races, with a minimum of four races from the qualifying list to be entered (if you would also like to include one other that has not been specified, you may do so).
  • Members must choose to opt in if they wish to compete – no automatic opt in (unless you have opted in in previous years – therefore no action required unless you would like to opt out).
  • There is no deadline for opt in… you may join the championship at any point in the year (just have a list of any retrospective races with times you want to be included).

We use the World Masters Athletic (WMA) age grading factor to determine the standard of your performances. Age graded percentages are the most objective way of comparing performances across a range of ages.

Your time will firstly be age graded using a factor that is particular to both your age and sex and that adjusted time will be calculated as a proportion of the winner’s time and indexed by 100 to give a score. The better your performance (compared to the winner), the higher your score.

So, on the results table, you will see your time for the race, and an event score based on your time in relation to the winning time. The better your result, the higher your score. If you choose to enter more than five races, the top scoring five races will count towards the championship. I have attached a personal record for any additional races completed that are not in the championship. It will be more advantageous to keep a record of all your scores by inputting your own results, and then at the end of your racing calendar, submit the race that has gained you the most points. Happy running everyone!!

Jill Holt – Championship Administrator (Any questions, just give me a shout!!)