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Manchester Marathon

Report by Kim Brown

Three Ripon Runners headed to Manchester on Sunday to compete in the 2019 Manchester Marathon – Yvonne Smith, Phil Chatterton and Kim Brown.

Manchester Marathon is promoted as the fastest and flattest in the UK. Anyone looking to run their first marathon could certainly do worse than run it at Manchester.

The entry fee is fairly steep at £67 but if booked in advance, approximately £18 is saved on the fee. It is definitely worth booking the car parking in advance as the road closures and twenty thousand runners looking for a space can be a nightmare! Parking is available in advance at £15 per car at Old Trafford Football Ground. This is handy as it is only a few minutes walk from here to the start of the race.

It is worth getting to the start early to find your starting pen. There is a great atmosphere at the event with an official mass warm up, live music etc.

The route itself heads in a south westerly direction through some of the surrounding suburbs and towns of Manchester such as Sale, Altrincham and Timperley. The support through these sections of the race is fantastic with thickly lined footpaths full of cheering crowds offering sweets and drinks etc. There are some quiet sections of the race but the route is mostly very well supported.

The final three quarters of a mile are fairly tough, with the giant finish line in the distance and it can appear to be getting further away sometimes!

At the finish all runners receive their impressive medal plus t-shirt. there are also endless opportunities to pick up free protein drinks, edible snacks and even a pint of alcohol free beer.

Yvonne Smith had a fantastic race with a personal best time of 3.57.47. Phil Chatterton also had a tremendous race finishing in a personal best time of 4.10.17. Kim brown finished in 2.51.42.