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Lightwater Valley 10k

Report by Karen Lennox

This year the LWV10k used a new route that was promoted as the “W Race” This was mainly a road race with a very tiny bit off road offering a little mud and a puddle. The weather had improved significantly prior to the previous day but there was still a little chill in the air at 7 deg and there was a cheeky headwind at times on the course that hampered some runners. The course was dry with fabulous marshals and ample jelly babies on offer and the 3 hills seemed never ending with the first one taking up the first 2km, but what goes up must come down and I think we all appreciated this hill for the last 2km.

There was a fabulous turnout of Ripon Runners supporting this local race and although there were no course PB’s to be had there seems to be plenty of 10k PB’s, Category winners and a Team win by our boys Simon, Mark and Lenny. There was a quite a delay on the prize giving due to technical issues of results thus resulting in most runners leaving to get warm. A few of us stayed behind to collect Ripon Runners prizes and most importantly the team prize of CAKE. We are Ripon Runners and we like cake and it will come to club this Tuesday for all to enjoy. Well done everyone today, fantastic running by all. Times below have been taken from the official results published. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
1 Simon Cave MV40 38:46 (1st for Team winner)
2 Mark Ryder MSen 39:43 (2nd for Team winner)
3 Lenny Lennox MV50 40:04 PB (1st MV50- 3rd for Team winner)
4 Jamie Baker MSen 42:30
5 Paul Layfield MSen 43:16
6 Kari Munro FSen 43:27 (1ST F Sen – 2nd Female)
7 Alan Kyle MSen 44:33
8 Dewi Winke MV50 44:56
9 Andrew Webster MV40 46:30
10 Darren Glegg MV50 47:55
11 Jon Hancock MV50 48:04
12 Anneke Imeson FV40 48:09
13 Morag McDowall FV50 48:12 (1st FV50)
14 Katherine Richardson FSen 48:43 PB
15 Heather Glegg FV40 49:27
16 Anne Cheeseman FV50 50:27
17 Christy Irish FSen 51:51 PB
18 Bruce Willoughby MV40 51:57
19 Lesley Willoughby FV40 53:21
20 Anita Oldham FV50 54:29
21 Stan Appleton MV70 54:25
22 Jessica Caven FV50 01:00:05 PB
23 Tori Easy FSen 01:00:31 PB
24 Nicola Shillam FV40 01:00:54 PB
25 Koren Carr FV40 01:01:59 PB
26 Karen Lennox FV40 01:04:30 PB
27 Linda Cadman FV60 01:04:31
28 Collette Woods FV60 01:05:43