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Hardmoors 55

This year the Cleveland Way National Trail is celebrating 50 years and Hardmoors were invited to be part of the 2019 celebrations, in addition in 2019 Hardmoors celebrates the 10th edition of the Hardmoors 55.

For one year only, the Hardmoors 55 was the Hardmoors 50 (actually 53 miles). The race route was advertised as being slightly shorter (it wasn’t by much!) but would include more ascent (10,000 ft, most of which was in the first half) with a couple of slight variations on the original route. The 2019 Route started in Guisborough and finished in Helmsley. The race has an overall cut off of 16 hours, these are implemented at different points on the route.

The weather forecast for Saturday was torrential rain with high winds. The forecast did not disappoint. The conditions were by far the worst I have ever run in. The rain fell for the full duration of the race, often torrential and the winds, particularly on the high exposed parts of the route (of which there were many) were extreme.

Seven Ripon Runners were on the start line at 8am. Special mention must go to Lena Conlin for being one of them only 6 days after her Tunnel Ultra. To put the results in perspective there were 500 entrants for the race. 123 runners DNF’d or were timed out throughout the race and another 33 reached the finish after the cut off and were therefore not allocated a finish place.

First back for Ripon was Claire Baker in 12 hours 10 minutes. Steve Silver completed the race in 13:06 followed by Nicole Sutton 13:25, Lucy Smith 14:37 and Lena Conlin 14:51. Overall placings are not yet available. Tony Carr completed 30 miles to reach Osmotherley before being timed out by 5 minutes and Adrian Martin stopped at Sneck Yate after 12 hours 48 minutes.