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Dentdale 14

Report by Kim Brown

Seven Ripon Runners made the trip west to Dent on Saturday to compete in the Dentdale Run. For the last few years there have been two distances to choose from: David Jelley, Heather Glegg, Simon McCudden, Anne Cheeseman and Andy Purll competed in the 14.3 mile race. While Kim Brown and Chris I’Anson competed in the 7.9 mile race.

The approach to Dent village is stunning and today it was no different. The sunshine in the valley and the deep snow on the fell tops made for a stunning vista.

The amount of runners in each field are fairly small with 283 running the 14.3 mile race and 189 running the 7.9 mile race. The prize for finishing the races is a sandwich, cake and scone plus hot drink in the school hall after the race. T-shirts are available to purchase too at £15 each. The t-shirts have every competitors name printed on the back. The elevation gain for the 14.3 mile run is 954 feet with the elevation gain being 522 feet for the 7.9 mile run.

The start of the race is fast and downhill – running in a westerly direction from Dent village. There is a steep climb during the first mile, then the route becomes continuously undulating with short and steep uphill sections and pleasant, fast downhill stretches. Today the route had to be diverted to avoid some severely flooded sections. But we still all had to run down plenty of badly flooded roads. At least we all came away with spotlessly clean shoes!

The river Dee is a constant companion for virtually the entire race. It is normally crossed over twice during the 14.3 mile race but today it was crossed 4 times due to the diversion.

The finish back in Dent village is a little lap of the village green and then downhill across the finish line. It is then a short stagger into the school to enjoy lunch and a sit down!

Prizes are very attractive. They are a fair size and are made of glass with the position and category printed on the front. There are also generous vouchers to be spent at Pete Bland Sports store in Kendal.

I would thoroughly recommend entering the Dentdale Run to anybody who is unfamiliar with it. It is a beautiful part of Yorkshire with a unique feel all of its own. The route is beautiful and challenging the whole way around (particularly in the second half of the longer race).

David Jelley finished the 14.3 mile race in a time of 1:45:52 and also won the V60 category. Heather Glegg finished in 2:03:33. Simon McCudden finished in 2:07:09. Anne Cheeseman finished in 2:08:02 and was also third in her age category. Andy Purll finished in 2:12:20.

In the 7.9 mile race Kim Brown finished in a time of 45.14 and also got 2nd position with Chris I’Anson finishing in a time of 1:11:03.