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Ripon Runners in the Local Community

At our recent AGM in March, and as we have done for the last few years, club members nominated local charities and then voted on which three charities the club should make a donation of £750.00 to (£250 each).

Despite living within an affluent area of the UK there is a continuing need to support local charities, all of which have specific causes, and as a local club we wish to play our part in trying to make a difference to other peoples lives within our community.

As you can see from the three photographs – this year we have donated to Ripon Food Bank, Yorkshire Air Ambulance, and The Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team.

Sadly Ripon Food Bank is a well utilised facility, controlled and operated via specific regulations to help those of our community most in need. The Yorkshire Air Ambulance strives to help everyone throughout Yorkshire and because many of our members take part in Dales based trail running events we recognise the important work of The Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team. They support everyone who enjoys activities in the Dales and who may, unfortunately, find themselves in difficulty and in need of assistance.

As a running club we encourage all our members and prospective members to enjoy being fit, active and healthy, to make new friendships. As a club we are very inclusive with many different ranges of abilities so there is always a group for everyone to run with. This gives individuals the opportunity to progress and improve their running without any pressure. We also have close links with other sporting clubs in the Ripon area.

We normally organise two races each year, the Jolly Hog Jog 10k (late December) and the Ripon 10 (mid May). However, this year we are resurrecting, with the kind assistance of the local community in Masham, the very scenic Burn Valley Half Marathon, after a five year gap! These races attract members from many other running clubs as well as non club members. In addition we are very lucky in being able to work with the National Trust so that the Jolly Hog and Ripon 10 routes are within the Studley Deer Park. We also have strong links with our local Park Run at Fountains Abbey and as a club we adopt the Park Run to organise the running of it three times per year as well as providing support throughout the year.

In other ways we promote running for the young, having a vibrant and enthusiastic Junior section of over 60 children aged between 7 to 16 who all take part in a wide variety of Junior running events both within and outside of Yorkshire. One of our principal aims of our Junior section is to give children from all backgrounds an opportunity to enjoy running within a very supportive environment. We bring together children from many parts of our local area, and different schools, so they make new friends and share positive experiences.

As always we are looking at how we can further help our local community through running and to build upon the strong local links that we have established already.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like more information on what we do.

Keep on running!
Simon McCudden