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Club Email Group

The club has the following email address for club member use only.

This is a centralised group email address, which can be used by any subscribed club member on any computer, tablet or mobile to email all members with matters of interest relating to running, subject to club rules and guidance. So, no more incorrect and incomplete local groups on your computer or messy Reply-to-All from old emails. Simply add it as one of your contacts in whatever email program you use. Nicole and I will keep the group list up-to-date.

Your email address and name is stored on the emailing system for as long as you wish (see below about unsubscribing) and it is used for no other purpose than that described above.

The system is self policing with no moderator. It’s up to you, the users, to say what you may find unacceptable in the unlikely event that the system is ever used irresponsibly.

To ensure you’re on the list, send an email to .

When you subscribe please add your first and last name – it’s not always easy to recognise a person from their email address. If you also don’t mind being contacted via SMS please also provide your mobile phone number.

There is a link at the bottom of any group email to allow you to unsubscribe. However if this doesn’t work for any reason please email . When you unsubscribe your data is permanently removed from the system.

About replying to group emails

If you select Reply your message is sent to the sender only in the normal way.
If you want to reply to all, select Reply and replace the senders email address with .

Note: Some email clients (programs or apps), particularly on smart phones, use the group email address, even when you select Reply. If you intend your reply to be a confidential message to the sender, please check the reply email address carefully before sending.

Email blocking

The system allows emails to be sent by members of the group only. If non-members try to use the group email address their messages will be rejected.

Tim Joynson