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Muddy Boots 10k

An impressive 55 Ripon Runners completed the Muddy Boots 10k on Sunday 10th February. This is a challenging and thrilling, local multi-terrain race with hills and muddy sections, but conditions were relatively good on the day. In a strong field of 421 finishers, Mark Ryder was first home for Ripon in 39:58, 9th overall and winning 3rd in his age group, followed closely by Jim Berriman and Doug Scott. Other age group winners were Lenny Lennox, 2nd in age group and Stan Appleton, also 2nd in his age category. Anneke Imeson won the prize for 1st school mum! In the women’s race, Libby Rickard was first home for the club in 48:58, followed by mum, Suzanne, with Anneke and Jo close behind.

Results were:
Mark Ryder 39:58, Jim Berriman 40:31, Doug Scott 40:34, Lenny Lennox 40:54,
Simon Cave 41:00, Lee Stanley 43:37, Paul Layfield 44:31, David Freeman 44:41,
Trevor Schofield 46:36, Ben Clarke 47:13, Colm O’Cofaigh 47:27, Andries Huyser 47:51, Andrew Webster 47:51, Darren Glegg 48:01, Libby Rickard 48:58, Phil Chatterton 50:14, Suzanne Rickard 50:32, Tim Pocock 50:33, Anneke Imeson 50:37, Jo Wallace 50:49, Heather Glegg 51:42, Tony White 52:31, James Stuart-Mills 52:43, Andrew Harker 52:52, Helen Cox 53:07, Katherine Richardson 53:13, Bruce Willoughby 53:50, Beth Constantine 53:58, Anne Cheeseman 54:21, Annabel Hall 55:13, Simon McCudden 55:36, Stan Appleton 55:40, Lesley Willoughby 56:27,
Anita Oldham 58:04, Fiona Blaylock 1:00:48, Louise Allen 1:02:01, Fiona Alder 1:02:10, Helen Pickard 1:02:19, Nicola Shillam 1:03:55, Jessica Caven 1:03:57,
Pamela Munroe 1:03:59, Andy Matheson 1:04:58, Tory Easey 1:06:24,
Lester Pickard 1:06:35, Anne-Marie Brown 1:08:19, Laura Vennell 1:08:58,
Fiona Hernandez 1:11:11 (PB), Karen Lennox 1:11:12(PB), Alexandra Nichol 1:16:11, Dawn Griffin 1:17:11, Karen Carrington 1:17:26, John Garbutt 1:27:42, Trish Garbutt 1:27:44, Karen Price 1:28:00