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The Wall Rat Race – 69 Miles

Sheena Jackson and Chris I’Anson completed a 69 mile run from Carlisle to Newcastle following the route of Hadrians Wall. Approximately 580 started at 7am from Carlisle Castle and 475 finished. The conditions were extremely hot for the majority of the route, and with much of the route on tarmac, making temperatures feel even hotter. Runners came from around the world including several runners from Spain, Sweden and Germany. The route headed out of Carlisle towards Hexham, Newburn and finished with a crossing of the Millenium Bridge in Newcastle with the finish line at Baltic Quays. Sheena finished in a time of 15hrs 30mins and was 85th overall and was in the top 15 women, while Chris finished at 4.20am in 21 hours 19 minutes.

Hull 10K

Jim Berriman ran in the Hull 10k on Sunday. Jim managed a fantastic 21st position out of the 4199 runners in a time of 38 minutes 31 seconds.

Race The Train

Gary Wilks and Phil Moores were amongst many runners gathered in Grosmont, North Yorkshire for Race The Train event on Saturday. The idea is for runners to complete a 8.4 mile circuit and to see if they can beat a train completing its own return journey. Gary managed a time of 1 hour 17 minutes and 51 seconds, and beat the train by 2 minutes and 9 seconds. Phil was not too far behind the returning train as he finished in 1:24:52.

HDSRL Race 3

Once again Ripon were out in numbers for the third league race of the season, this time hosted by Wetherby. Ben Pease (23:42) & Reece Dalton (26:12) continued their excellent for claiming 2nd and 3rd places overall. Other results were:
Spike Amberry-Smith 26:12
Derek Mccreadie 26:35
Simon Cave 26:46
James Boddy 27:27
Jim Berriman 27:33
Mark Ryder 27:51
Lee Stanley 28:06
Trevor Schofield 28:40
Ben Imeson 28:45
John Chatwin 28:49
Dave Binks 29:11
Sally Houghton 30:15
Michael Hall 30:16
Kari Munro 30:27
Emma Sorby 30:37
Mike Hernandez 31:11
Lewis Brooks 31:35
Andy Turner 31:38
David Allen 32:34
Alan Hansen 32:35
Gary Wilks 32:40
Neil Dring 32:46
Steve Silver 32:55
Andrew Webster 33:21
Chloe Dalton 33:28
John Ward 33:42
Stuart Pender 33:44
Anneke Imeson 34:18
Sarah Hood 34:24
Jane Grundy 34:30
Dave Ritson 34:35
Phil Moores 34:37
Mark Brooks 35:18
Simon Mccudden 35:28
Suzanne Rickard 35:33
Oliver Scott 35:49
James Stuart-Mills 35:59
Jill Holt 36:03
Catherine Leonard 36:14
Helen Hall 36:19
Steve Grange 36:49
Ray Johnstone 37:22
Nicole Sutton 37:30
Martin Whipp 37:34
Angie Benson 37:38
Kim Holden 37:48
Tim Joynson 38:13
Hayley Whipp 38:20
Stan Appleton 38:21
Anne Cheeseman 38:22
Chris Brown 38:27
Lena Conlin 38:48
Andy Purll 38:56
Sue Skinner 39:22
John Skinner 39:22
Beth Constantine 39:38
Kate Shaw 39:39
Fiona Alder 39:58
Kelly Dunkley 40:02
Jackie Scott 40:32
Aileen O’kane 40:36
Katy Bell 40:38
Sarah Whitaker 40:38
David Whitehouse 40:47
Jackie Turner 41:05
Alison Clarke 41:06
Jane Goodwin 41:19
Sarah Stanley 41:40
Dan Ross 41:40
Julie Brown 43:21
Caroline Bentham 43:37
John Grundy 43:42
James Parkes 44:00
Karen Gilbert 44:41
Dawn Griffin 44:56
Victoria Pang 45:06
Julie Pratt 45:43
Tammy Murray Kirkwood 48:46
Sarah Swinscoe 50:24
Karen Lennox 51:26
Maggie Driffield 51:47
Emily Mcintosh 52:28

Runstock 50 km

Sheena Jackson and partner Julian along with Sheena’s son Isaac competed at Runstock 50k at the weekend. Julian finished the ultra distance course in 6 hrs 20 minutes while Sheena ran with Isaac and finished together in about 6 hrs 50. The course was made up of 5 km off-road undulating laps.