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Nidderdale Wanderer

Well Andy promised us freezing cold winds and snow on the tops above Scar House. In fact it was 6 deg in Lofthouse with no snow and absolutely windless. The morning mist added to the ethereal and ghostly atmosphere and with little viability we headed across the moors. Some runners wanted a refund as the promised views of upper Nidderdale and the reservoir were obscured but I felt that the mist added to the mysticism of the day.

Shame for those who had never been to the area before as it means they will have to schedule a return visit! By the time we reached the Angram dam however hazy sun was beginning to open up the views.

The 10 mile group arrived back at The Crown first, followed half an hour later by the 13 milers.

It therefore seemed logical that the 17 mile runners would be back in another 45 minutes or so but no, one hour passed, then one and half hours but with no phone signal we could only speculate as to the whereabouts of Lena’s group. “Is there a Nidderdale Mountain Rescue Team?” we wondered, Eventually after running 19.1 miles they staggered and limped into the pub never more relieved to see beer and food!

Now read Lena’s illustrated account of what really was a great day with excellent company. Thank you Andy for organising for us.


The event was organised by Andy Purll and 21 runners met in the carpark at Lofthouse to take n the 10, 13 or 17 mile routes. The 10 and 13 mile routes headed up the road towards Masham before turning onto the moors. The 17 mile route headed to How Stean and went to Ramsgill before climbing up through Bouthwaite onto the moors.

All routes headed to Scar House Reservoir.

The 10 mile route was to run over Scar House Dam with the 13 and 17 routes running around Scar House Reservoir and crossing Angram Dam between Scar House and Angram Reservoirs.

Next followed a mile and a half of tarmac before the final climb of the day, over the rough track to Middlesmoor, then just a couple of miles back to the Crown Inn at Lofthouse for refreshments,

The routes all had a little extra distance on, the 17 was 19 miles everyone seemed to enjoy it though.

Lena Conlin

CJB & Lena Conlin – 13-03-16