Ripon Runners Club Championship

Wildcard Calculator

Use this form to decide if one of your race results would improve your club championship standing. To make it worthwhile the points shown here need to be higher than the current race on your table with the least points.

Simply enter your gender, age on 1st January 2019, the winners time (in your gender) in minutes and seconds and your time in minutes and seconds. Click submit and the calculator does the rest.

If you do want to use a result as your wildcard simply send me the times you have entered on the form together with the name and date of the race and I will put it onto your club champs table.

Note: All members who have entered the club championship can use the result from a total of one race or Parkrun from 2019 as a wild card. Your best six points are used to calculate your final total. The six results must include one HDSRL run and either five races from the championship list or four races plus a wildcard.

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